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Historic Mahraani Temple in Gulmarg Destroyed by Devastating Fire

A catastrophic fire ravaged the historic Mahraani Temple in Gulmarg overnight, reducing the revered site to ashes. The blaze erupted late Tuesday night, swiftly engulfing the wooden structure. Emergency responders, including the fire department and police, arrived promptly to tackle the inferno and mitigate further damage.

The Mahraani Temple, a cherished landmark in the region, has stood for centuries as a beacon of cultural heritage and spiritual significance. Local residents, awoken by the flames and thick smoke, watched in horror as the fire consumed the temple. Despite the swift response from firefighters, the structure was beyond saving. The temple’s wooden architecture and intricate carvings provided ample fuel for the fire, accelerating its destruction.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a series of loud cracks as the roof caved in. Efforts to contain the fire were hampered by strong winds, which caused the flames to spread rapidly. Firefighters battled the blaze for several hours before finally bringing it under control in the early hours of Wednesday.

Local authorities have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire. Preliminary reports suggest that an electrical fault may have sparked the blaze, but officials have not ruled out other possibilities. Police have cordoned off the area, urging locals and tourists to stay clear of the site.

The destruction of the Mahraani Temple has left the community in mourning. Many residents gathered at the scene, expressing their grief and disbelief. “This temple was our pride and heritage,” said a local elder. “Its loss is irreplaceable.”

Reconstruction efforts are expected to face significant challenges, given the temple’s historic significance and intricate design. The government has pledged support to restore the site, though experts warn that recreating the original craftsmanship will be a daunting task.

As Gulmarg wakes to this profound loss, the community remains united in their resolve to rebuild and honor the memory of the Mahraani Temple.

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