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Delhi Water Minister Accuses Haryana of Reducing Water Flow

A day after the Supreme Court’s directive to ensure water flow into Delhi, Water Minister Atishi accused Haryana of reducing the water supply for the last three days. The apex court had ordered Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of surplus water to the national capital, emphasizing that there should be no politics over water.

Atishi claimed that Haryana’s actions were creating a severe water shortage in Delhi. She urged immediate intervention to prevent a crisis. “For three days, Haryana has reduced the water flow, affecting Delhi’s residents,” she said.

The Supreme Court’s directive to Himachal Pradesh was clear: release the surplus water to aid Delhi. This decision aimed to mitigate the water scarcity affecting the capital. The court stressed the need for cooperation and highlighted that water should not be a political issue.

Delhi relies on neighboring states for a significant portion of its water supply. Any reduction can have immediate and severe impacts. The recent decrease from Haryana has exacerbated the situation, leading to concerns over drinking water availability and overall public health.

The Water Minister’s accusations come at a time when inter-state water disputes are increasingly common. The Supreme Court’s intervention aimed to address these issues, ensuring fair distribution and access.

Atishi called for Haryana to adhere to the Supreme Court’s guidance. She emphasized the importance of solidarity and cooperation between states. “Delhi needs its rightful share of water,” she asserted, urging Haryana to restore the full flow immediately.

The Supreme Court’s directive to Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of water remains critical. It aims to provide relief to Delhi and prevent further disputes. The court’s remark against politicizing water underscores the necessity of viewing it as a shared resource.

In conclusion, the situation highlights the ongoing challenges in water management between states. Delhi’s urgent need for water and the Supreme Court’s intervention underscore the importance of cooperation over conflict. The next steps by Haryana will be crucial in resolving this issue swiftly.

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