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Student Enrollment Improved In J&K Schools During Last 4 Years

GER In Higher Secondary Level Up By 10%, Secondary By 2 Percent
In the last four years, Jammu & Kashmir’s Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in higher secondary and secondary level has increased by over 10 percent and 2 percent, respectively; reveal the figures emerging from Government of India’s latest Unified District Information System For Education Plus (UDISE+). As per the reports accessed and analyzed by Gulistan News, J&K’s GER since 2018 has increased to 10.8 percent in higher secondary level in 2022 and 2.4 percent in secondary level in the past four years.
The data available with the Gulistan News states that in 2018-19 J&K’s GER in higher secondary level was 42.4 percent and in 2021-22 the figures increased to 53.2 percent. For the secondary level, in 2021-22, J&K recorded 60.5 percent against 2018-19’s 58.1 percent.
In 2019-20, J&K’s GER in higher secondary level was recorded at 38.4 percent and in the same period, GER in secondary level stood at 58.7 percent.Gross Enrolment Ratio or Gross Enrolment Index is a statistical measure used in the education sector by the Government to determine the number of students enrolled in school. The GER can exceed 100% because of early, late entry or grade repetition.
Pertinently, in 2018-19 J&K had 28,654 schools including both secondary level and higher secondary level schools. However, in 2021-22, with an addition of 151 more schools, the total number of schools functioning in J&K increased to 28,805.
When compared with the data from previous years, the number of total schools in Kashmir came down. In 2020-21, with an addition of 276 more schools against 2018-19 data, the total number of schools functioning in J&K had increased to 28,930.
In 2019-20, J&K had 28,863 schools including both secondary and higher secondary level educational institutes.
Besides this, as per the reports, in 2021-22, J&K had a total 344485 students enrolled in secondary level, of which 182592 were boys and 161893 were girls. In 2018-19, enrollment of students in secondary level in J&K was 3,22,717, of which, 171863 were boys and 150854 were girls. In 2019-20, J&K had a total of 328628 students enrolled in secondary schools of which 174451 were boys and 154177 were girls. In 2020-21, J&K had a total 337787 students enrolled in secondary level, of which 179809 were boys and 157978 were girls.
The report also added that in 2018-19, J&K’s total student enrollment in higher secondary schools was 231398 including 123040 boys and 108358 girls. In the same category, in 2021-22, J&K had 294473 student enrollment including 157488 boys and 136985 girls.
As per the report, in 2018-19, there were 170449 total teachers in J&K including 90865 male and 79584 females. In 2021-22, there were 167106 teachers in J&K of which 86779 were males and 80327 were females. In the same category, in 2020-21, there were 172129 teachers in J&K of which 90119 were males and 82010 females. In the same category, in 2019-20, J&K had 173183 teachers including 91087 males and 82096 females.
The report further added that in 2021-22 the Pupil Teacher Ratio was 13 in secondary level and 28 in the higher secondary level. Similarly, in 2018-19, J&K’s Pupil Teacher Ratio was 13 in secondary level and 21 in higher secondary level. In 2020-21, the Teacher Pupil Ratio (TPR) was 12 in secondary level and 26 in the higher secondary level and in 2019-21, J&K’s TPR was 12.1 in secondary schools and 20.2 in higher secondary schools.
According to the data, the enrollment of Children with special needs (CWSN) was 17946 including 10489 boys and 7457 girls for the Primary to Higher Secondary (1 to 12) category in 2021-22. In 2018-19, the report said that total enrollment of CWSN was 26722, of which, 15271 were boys and 11451 were girls.
The enrollment of Children with special needs (CWSN) was 21289 including 12312 boys and 8977 girls for the Primary to Higher Secondary (1 to 12) category in 2020-21 and in 2019-20, the total enrollment of CWSN was 23629 of which 13319 were boys and 10310 were girls.
As per the data, in 2018-19, the Net Enrollment Rate (NER) of J&K in secondary level was 33.4 percent including 33.1 percent boys and 33.8 percent girls. In higher secondary, the NER was 24.4 percent including 24.6 percent boys and 24.1 percent girls.
As per UDISE 2020-21, J&K’s NER was 31 percent including 30.6 percent boys and 31.4 percent girls in secondary level. The higher secondary’s NER in the same year stood at 30.2 percent including 30.3 percent boys and 30.1 percent girls.

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