Tuesday, June 25, 2024

KU revises ‘Mercy Chance, Division Improvement’ examination fee to Rs 2600 per-candidate from Rs 2600 per-subject

The University of Kashmir Wednesday revised the examination fee of “Mercy Chance, Division Improvement” to Rs 2600 per-candidate from Rs 2600 per-subject in view of concerns expressed by the students.A KU spokesperson in a statement regarding charging of Rs 2600 examination fee per-paper for the “mercy chance/division improvement” examination issued a detailed clarification in the matter. The Mercy Chance/Division Improvement is a special category examination conducted by the University with the sole objective of securing the future prospect of the aspirants who want to either complete their long-pending degrees and/or improve their examination performance of their previously-completed degree programmes,” the spokesperson said, adding that the said special examination entails more financial implications on the University. In some subjects, the University receives only one application which involves cost of paper-setting, conduct, evaluation and other logistics as equal as that of multiple applicants in other subjects.”In view of this, the said examination fee was previously fixed at Rs 5000 per-paper, which, however, was reduced to Rs 2600 per-paper on the basis of recommendations of a duly-constituted committee. However, in view of the concerns expressed by some students intending to appear in multiple papers, the Honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof Nilofer Khan, as a special case, has re-considered the matter and fixed this fee as Rs 2600 per-candidate instead of Rs 2600 per-subject, on the basis of fresh recommendations by the committee,” the spokesperson said, adding that the University is conscious of its responsibility towards society and youth. “However, as mentioned above, the Special Examinations entail additional financial resources on the University, leading to the constraint of charging the reasonable amount of fee.”The link for online submission of fee shall be opened afresh and notified accordingly, the statement read.

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