Thursday, June 13, 2024

Kand Mohalla Residents Decry Wooden Bridge’s Deterioration

Residents of Kand Mohalla, located in the interiors of Dal Lake, are raising alarms over the deplorable state of their only wooden bridge to the outside world. This crucial structure for daily commuting has deteriorated significantly, sparking concerns about safety and accessibility.

The wooden bridge, a lifeline for the community, is now marked by broken planks and weakened supports. Its instability poses a constant threat to the hundreds who cross it daily. “We fear for our lives every time we step on it,” said Shabir Ahmad, a local resident. “The authorities must act before it’s too late.”

For many in Kand Mohalla, the bridge is essential for accessing schools, markets, and medical facilities. The worsening condition has disrupted daily life, making it difficult for residents to carry out routine activities. “Children are scared to go to school,” said Farida Begum, a mother of two. “We have no other option but to use this bridge.”

The community has repeatedly appealed to local authorities for repairs, but their pleas have gone unanswered. “We’ve filed numerous complaints, but nothing has been done,” lamented Ghulam Rasool, an elderly resident. “It’s as if we’ve been forgotten.”

Local shopkeeper Bilal Ahmed expressed his frustration over the impact on his business. “Customers avoid coming here because they are afraid to cross the bridge. It’s affecting our livelihood.”

In the face of growing frustration, the residents are calling for immediate action. They demand that the authorities take responsibility and ensure the bridge is repaired before a tragedy occurs. “We need a safe and stable bridge,” insisted Ahmad. “It’s not just a convenience; it’s a necessity.”

The dilapidated state of the bridge underscores the broader challenges faced by many rural communities in the region, where infrastructure development often lags behind.

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