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India should be the use case capital for AI in the world: EkStep Foundation co-founder Shankar Maruwada

Shankar Maruwada, CEO and co-founder of EkStep Foundation, is at the forefront of educational transformation in India. EkStep Foundation, based in Bengaluru, leverages technology to create platforms that enhance school education. The organization also builds ecosystems to understand AI’s impact and develops AI solutions to address large societal challenges.

EkStep’s significant contribution includes the co-creation of DIKSHA, in partnership with the Government of India. DIKSHA stands as the world’s largest digital education platform. It offers a comprehensive infrastructure for teachers and students. The platform supports the delivery of diverse educational content and has been instrumental in driving digital learning initiatives across the country.

Maruwada’s journey in the tech and education sectors is notable. He graduated from IIT-Kharagpur and IIM-Ahmedabad, two of India’s premier institutions. His career began in the data analytics space. In 2003, he co-founded Marketics, a pioneering data analytics firm in India. Marketics provided advanced analytics services to global companies, positioning Maruwada as a key figure in the industry.

His work at Marketics paved the way for his role at EkStep. Under his leadership, EkStep has focused on scalable solutions to enhance educational outcomes. The foundation’s efforts include developing digital tools that make learning more accessible and effective. By integrating AI, EkStep aims to tailor educational experiences to individual needs, promoting personalized learning.

Maruwada’s vision for EkStep extends beyond digital platforms. The foundation seeks to create a sustainable ecosystem where technology and education intersect. By collaborating with various stakeholders, including government bodies, educational institutions, and tech partners, EkStep fosters a collaborative environment. This approach ensures that the solutions developed are practical and impactful.

Shankar Maruwada continues to drive innovation in education through EkStep. His leadership and vision are critical in addressing educational challenges and harnessing technology for societal benefit.

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