Monday, June 17, 2024

DDC reviews Progress of works under District Capex Budget in Udhampur, Tikri and Sewna blocks

As part of Prashasan Gaon Ki Aur, District Development Commissioner, Udhampur Krittika Jyotsna today toured Udhampur, Tikri and Sewna blocks to review the status of works taken up under District Capex Budget, Area development plan and other schemes of RDD sector in the District.
The DDC took a detailed Block wise review of the progress of works taken up under 14th FC, Area Development Plan and other schemes. The DC also assessed the status of the convergence plan to be taken up with various line departments.
The BDOs were asked to ensure the completion of the allotted works within the given timeline.
The DDC stressed upon the officers to maintain transparency and accountability in the execution of works and accelerate the developmental tempo in the district.
BDOs of concerned blocks briefed the DDC about the status of various ongoing developmental works under Capex budget and other allied schemes.

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