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Day-dreaming has a limit, Mehbooba crossed that today, Article 370 buried forever: Altaf Thakur

Lashing out at PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti for stating that “whatever BJP snatched on August 5, 2019, would be brought back with interest”, senior BJP leader and party’s JK spokesman Altaf Thakur said that Mehbooba was day-dreaming and perhaps not aware of the fact that over 350 MPs voted in favour of Article 370 roll back and that PDP can’t even win one parliamentary seat.
Thakur while reacting to the remarks made by PDP chief during Youth Convention at SK Park Srinagar, said that day-dreaming too has a limit and that has been crossed by Mehbooba today by making false promise about getting back article 370 that has been buried several feet under the ground on August 5, 2019.  He said that no power on earth can get back Article 370 let alone PDP.
He urge youth not to fall prey to false and hollow slogans of PDP and instead use their own mind and logic to the check the facts. Thakur said when over 350 MPs voted in favour of rollback of Article 370 in the parliament, how PDP chief can claim she would get back the same.
Thakur said that gone are the days when Mehbooba would swear by green colour, raise green handkerchiefs and wear green gowns to deceive people through hollow slogans. He said Article 370 is a history and like a “dead person.” “Dead people don’t return and Mehbooba should understand the universal truth,” he said.
Thakur said that gone are the days when PDP chief would hoodwink people on false promises and hollow slogans. He said post abrogation of Article 370, J&K’s integration with the union of India was given a final touch and today people of J&K are reaping the benefits of real democracy that was held hostage for decades due to the family rule.

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