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Chief Electoral Officer Reviews Counting and Security Arrangements in Kargil

The Chief Electoral Officer of Ladakh inspected counting arrangements at the Kurbathang counting center in Kargil. The inspection focused on the security measures at the strong room. This visit was part of preparations for the upcoming election results.

Officials accompanied the Chief Electoral Officer during the inspection. They reviewed the setup for counting votes. The arrangements were found to be in order.

Security at the strong room was a key focus. The strong room houses the electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in the election. Ensuring their safety is critical.

Multiple security layers are in place. These include personnel from the local police and paramilitary forces. CCTV cameras monitor the area 24/7. Access to the strong room is highly restricted. Only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

The Chief Electoral Officer expressed satisfaction with the arrangements. He emphasized the importance of transparency and security in the election process. He also interacted with officials present at the site. They discussed the procedures to be followed on the counting day.

Additional measures have been implemented to maintain order. A control room has been set up to manage any issues.

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