DIG J&K Police & SSP Kathua narrowly dodge terrorist attack in Hiranagar op.


During the ongoing anti-terrorist operation in Hiranagar, a terrorist opened fire on the vehicles of the DIG Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Senior Superintendent of Police Kathua, almost escaping with their lives, according to an official.

The official stated that a terrorist concealing fired more than twenty-dozen rounds, launching an attack on the two police officers’ cavalcade. Nonetheless, none of the staff members or officers were hurt, the spokesman stated.

Reports said that senior police officers were monitoring the ongoing anti-terror operation in the Hiranagar area when the hiding terrorists restored to firing on their vehicle.

The terrorist fired over two dozen rounds. Fortunately, none of the officers or their personnel were harmed.

In a related development, the security personnel located weapons and ammo close to the scene of the current gunfight.

Terrorists who had been infiltrated recently were highlighted in a statement released by the Jammu Police following the incident.

Three magazines with thirty rounds each, another magazine with twenty-four rounds, seventy-five rounds in a separate polythene bag, three live grenades, one lakh rupees (two hundred notes worth), edibles (chocolate, dry channa, and stale chapatis made in Pakistan), injections and medications (painkillers) made in Pakistan, one syringe, two packs of A4 batteries, and a tape-wrapped phone with an antenna and two wires hanging from the phone were among the recovered weapons and ammunition, according to the official.

Police with the help of CRPF have cordoned the area. A search party is clearing the houses one by one. So far one family of husband and wife has been evacuated to hospital. While the wife is unhurt, the husband Omkar Nath S/o Dina Nath is injured in the arm and appears to be stable.

Police clarified that only one villager was hurt in the event, despite rumors that some civilians were also killed in the terror attack.

“Members of the general public who are respected citizens are requested to wait for authentic information and not indulge in spreading different narratives that are unverified”, police said, adding, “This is a national security challenge posed by hostile elements from across and instead of engaging the police in law order management, dear citizens are requested to assist and cooperate with the police in completing the operation logically and successfully so that the terrorists are killed and simultaneously the injured (if found) are evacuated for treatment.

“It has come to attention that a significant amount of fake news is circulating on social media of local. These false reports claim that three dead bodies of civilians have been recovered from a certain site and that terrorists have taken some villagers hostage”, police said.

“We urge the public to remain calm and not to believe or spread such baseless rumours. To address this matter and prevent any potential unrest, the District Police will issue an official statement. We request everyone to stay informed through verified sources and to refrain from sharing unverified information”, police further appealed to the people.


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