WhatsApp green verification mark will soon turn blue, here is how it will benefit users


WhatsApp has millions of users across India and is also the go-to source for many of us when it comes to interacting with businesses. Various businesses interact with their customers via the instant messaging app, answering queries and addressing issues. Food businesses like Mcdonald’s even let users place their order via WhatsApp while dining in. Until now, these businesses could be identified by a green checkmark placed next to their name. But, this will change soon.

A new report in WA Beta Info says that WhatsApp is rolling out a new update as part of which, it will replace the green checkmark with a blue one for verified businesses. In addition to this, verified channels will also receive the updated checkmark. The report adds that this update aims to make the verification badges consistent across all Meta platforms, similar to the blue checkmarks on Instagram and Facebook. WhatsApp is currently testing this change publicly, and some beta users can now see the new blue checkmark.

According to the screenshot shared by the publication, the new blue checkmark will replace the old green badge, aligning the app’s look with other Meta platforms and providing a unified experience across its apps. It’s important to note that the blue checkmark will still stand as a mark for authenticity, assuring users that they are interacting with verified channels or businesses. This change aims to boost user trust and reduce the risk of impersonation.


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