Rohit Sharma thanks Mumbai crowd at Wankhede reception


The Wankhede Stadium was a cauldron of noise and excitement as cricket fans gathered to celebrate Team India’s historic title triumph in the T20 World Cup 2024. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) presented the Indian team with a prize of Rs 125 crore at the Wankhede Stadium, as previously announced following their triumph. The event saw prominent players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid, and Jasprit Bumrah taking the podium to share their emotions with an enthusiastic crowd. Following the ceremony, the players engaged with the fans, distributing signed balls and taking selfies, much to the delight of the attendees. The festivities began with a T20 World Cup victory parade starting at Marine Drive and ending at Wankhede Stadium, with a sea of fans cheering the team’s success. The immense crowd made it difficult for the Team India bus to navigate through the streets, adding to the emotional and celebratory atmosphere. Mumbai never disappoints. We got a solid reception. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the fans. I am very very happy and relieved,” One of the most applauded moments was when the Indian skipper praised his deputy, Hardik Pandya, for his crucial performance in the final over of the T20 World Cup. “Hats off to him to bowl that last over. No matter how many runs you need, there’s always so much pressure to bowl that over. Hats off to him,” said the skipper, prompting chants of “Hardik! Hardik!” from the crowd. Pandya acknowledged the applause with a smile and a wave. A visibly moved Hardik stood up and acknowledged the fans, adding to the emotional and celebratory atmosphere at Wankhede. 


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