Pakistan man buries 15-day-old daughter alive due to financial constraints


A father in Pakistan’s Sindh has been arrested for burying his 15-day-old daughter alive, news agency  reported, citing local media.

The suspect, identified as Tayyab, confessed to the crime, stating that financial constraints prevented him from affording medical treatment for his infant daughter, according to Pakistani news channel  News.

Tayyab admitted to the police that he placed his newborn in a sack before burying her.

A case has been filed against Tayyab. The authorities are waiting for a court order to open the child’s grave for forensic examination and postmortem procedures.

In a separate incident in Lahore’s Defence B area, a husband and wife allegedly subjected a 13-year-old domestic worker to severe abuse, including stripping and physical torture, reported.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against the accused, Hassam, on the complaint of the victim’s mother, and he has been detained. Efforts to arrest his wife are ongoing.

According to the FIR, the victim, Tehreem, was subjected to continuous physical abuse, including being stripped naked, allegedly over suspicions of theft. The mother further asserted that her daughter sustained fractures to her hand and nose during the ordeal.

After undergoing a medical examination, Tehreem was released into her mother’s care.


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