Little birdie says goodbye: India’s social media app Koo is officially shutting down


Koo, the Indian social microblogging platform, is officially shutting down. The company’s co-founder Mayank Bidawatka has shared the “final update” about the app. Bidawatka announced in a LinkedIn post: “we will be discontinuing our service to the public”. The update from the co-founder came just hours after a report by The Morning Context on Wednesday that revealed that after an acquisition conversation between Koo and DailyHunt fell through, the Indian microblogging platform will be shutting down. Bidawatka’s post on LinkedIn confirms the same. “We explored multiple partnerships with multiple larger internet companies, conglomerates, and media houses, but these talks didn’t yield the outcome we wanted,” he wrote in the post. “While we would’ve liked to keep the app running, the cost of technology services to keep a social media app running is high and we’ve had to take this tough decision,” Bidawatka added.


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