Jammu and Kashmir Makes the National Anthem Mandatory for All Schools


All schools in the Union Territory are required to begin the morning assembly with the national anthem, according to a directive from the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department.
Through a circular, the Principal Secretary to the Government, School Education Department, instructed all schools in the Union Territory to standardize the morning assembly.

The circular, released on Wednesday, stated that “morning assembly should begin with the National Anthem as per standard protocol.”
According to the department, the morning assemblies have been a very successful tradition in fostering a feeling of discipline and cohesion among the pupils.
“They (assemblies) serve as platforms to nurture the values of moral integrity, shared community and mental tranquility. However, it has been observed that such a significant ritual/ tradition is not being carried out uniformly across various schools of JK UT,” the circular, which suggested 16 steps for the schools to follow.
Among the actions that schools should incorporate into their morning assemblies are inviting guest speakers, raising awareness about the environment, and combating the drug problem.


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