In Russia, Prime Minister Modi pledges to enhance strength and speed threefold during his third term in office.


In his first trip since the start of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said he would work for India with thrice the strength and speed.

Emphasising on being elected the Prime Minister for a third consecutive time, PM Modi also said today (July 9) marks a month since he took oath.

“This is my first conversation with the Indian diaspora after forming the government for the third time,” PM Modi said in Moscow.

“Today, on July 9, it has been a full month since I took oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third time and I took a vow that I will work with three times more strength, at three times more speed,” he said, adding, “It is also a coincidence that the number 3 is also present in many of the government’s goals.”

“The government’s goal is to make India the third-largest economy in the world in the third term,” PM Modi said.

“I am delighted that India and Russia are collaborating closely to invigorate global prosperity. Each of you here is elevating the relationship between our nations to new heights. Your hard work and integrity have enriched Russian society,” Prime Minister Modi remarked.

“When Indians hear the word Russia, the first thought that comes to mind is our partner in joy and sorrow, our trusted friend—we call it ‘Dosti’. Despite the harsh winter temperatures in Russia, the warmth of India-Russia friendship has always prevailed,” he emphasized.

“This relationship rests on a sturdy foundation of mutual trust and respect,” PM Modi affirmed.

Prime Minister Modi embarked on a two-day visit to Russia, starting Monday, which is seen as having significant geopolitical implications and symbolism.

He conducted summit talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Upon arriving in Moscow, PM Modi expressed anticipation for enhancing bilateral cooperation in futuristic domains, highlighting that stronger ties between India and Russia will greatly benefit both nations’ citizens.


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