Drug mafias flourished under Bhagwant Mann : Chugh


AAP govt stands exposed : Chugh BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that the Bhagwant Mann government stands exposed for it’s failure to deal with the drug menace in Punjab.

At a meeting with senior police officers he blatantly accepted his government’s dismal failure to check drugs in the state.

Chugh said the Bhagwant Mann government has been patronising drug mafias in Punjab for political reasons. It is apparent the way drugs are in circulation in the remote corners of the state.

Chugh said police is unable to take action because drug mafia enjoys patronage of the Bhagwant Mann government.

Chugh said the chief minister is doing meetings with police officials and others just a cosmetic exercise to fool the people.

Chugh said it’s a shame for Punjab the way AAP government
has been cheating the state for the last 30 months making fake promises.

The Bhagwant Mann government had announced to end drugs within 24 hours and now they stand exposed because drug mafias have flourished more vigorously during the last 30 months.


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