CM Has Demoralised Punjab Police, Should quit office on Moral Grounds: Chugh


BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today demanded Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to clarify whether 10,000 Punjab Police personnel have been transferred because of their links with drug mafias or because they had helped the opposition parties in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

Demanding the chief minister’s resignation on the matter, Chugh said it was highly “ïrresponsible” on the part of the chief minister for misleading Punjab on this serious matter.

Chugh said while DGP Gaurav Yadav has contradicted the stance of the chief minister and has said that the transfers were done in a routine manner and have nothing to with the drug mafias, some political leaders have claimed that the transfers have been done because the 10,000-strong police force did not help the AAM Aadmi Party in the Lok Sabha elections and instead supported the other political parties.

“Such insinuations against the police force would certainly go a long way in demoralizing the entire police force in the border state and for this the chief minister is singularly responsible”, Chugh said.

He said it was shocking to see the chief minister blame 10,000 policemen for their links with drug peddlers whereas the fact is that all drug mafias have been enjoying the patronage of the AAP government to run their business recklessly in the state.

Chugh said the chief minister should accept his moral responsibility for his failure to check drugs in the state.


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