Budgam Police affixes GPS Tracking Anklet Device on Terror Accused


In a significant move to enhance public safety and maintain order, the Budgam Police, acting on the directions of the competent Court of Law, have successfully installed a GPS tracking anklet on Mudasir Fayaz, an individual accused of aiding militancy in Kashmir. This pertains to case FIR No: 150 of 2022 under Sections 18, 23, 38, and 39 of the UAPA, read with Sections 7/25 of the Arms Act of PS Chadoora.

The use of GPS tracking gadgets in high-profile cases underscores the commitment of law enforcement to uphold public safety. These devices allow authorities to meticulously monitor the movements of high-risk offenders, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of further criminal activities.

The installation of the GPS tracking anklets on the accused ensures that their movements can be tracked in real time and their entry into prohibited areas or leaving the geographical boundaries as set in the court order can be monitored.

Budgam Police is resolute in its mission to protect the community. The constant surveillance provided by GPS tracking ensures that offenders remain accountable and deters any attempt to engage in unlawful activities. This proactive approach reflects dedication of Budgam Police in maintaining law and order and ensuring safety of citizens.


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