A woman from Chandigarh fell victim to a new scam involving Aadhaar-SIM card linkage, resulting in a loss of Rs 80 lakh.


India is currently dealing with a web of online scams, with thousands of individuals losing lakhs and crores to date. Scammers are constantly developing new tricks to deceive people and steal their money. In the latest case of online fraud, a woman from Chandigarh fell victim to a sophisticated scam, losing Rs 80 lakh to fraudsters posing as Crime Branch officers. What makes this case noteworthy is that the scammers targeted the linkage between Aadhaar and SIM cards to threaten the victim.

According to a report, the victim, a resident of Sector 11, Chandigarh, received a call from an individual claiming to be a police officer from the Crime Branch in Mumbai. The caller asserted that a SIM card issued against her Aadhaar card was being used in illegal money laundering activities.

In an attempt to appear credible, the fraudster informed the victim that there were 24 money laundering complaints filed against her. The caller then threatened the victim with a possible arrest. Panicked and seeking to avoid any legal trouble, the victim followed the caller’s instructions meticulously.

To clear the case, the caller demanded that she deposit Rs 80 lakh into a specified bank account as part of an ongoing investigation, promising that the money would be returned if she was found innocent. Desperate to clear her name, the woman transferred the money, only to realise later that she had been duped. By the time the victim understood the deception, the scammer had disappeared without a trace, and the funds were unrecoverable. A case has been registered at the cybercrime police station, and an investigation is underway.

This is yet another case highlighting how scammers are evolving their tricks to deceive people. It underscores the importance of being vigilant. Here are some essential tips to stay safe from such scams:


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