A hacker is trying to sell data of over 375 million Airtel users


Reports circulating on Twitter and a web forum frequented by hackers, cyber criminals, and security researchers suggest that data purportedly belonging to 375 million Airtel users is being offered for sale. Airtel has swiftly responded, categorically denying any breach in their systems and dismissing the claims as baseless. An Airtel spokesperson stated to India Today Tech, “There has been an ongoing report alleging that Airtel customer data has been compromised. This is nothing short of a desperate attempt to tarnish Airtel’s reputation by vested interests. We have conducted a thorough investigation and can confirm that there has been no breach whatsoever from Airtel systems.”

The controversy began when a Twitter account named FalconFeeds.ai shared a screenshot from a forum post on BeachForums, where a hacker named xenZen claimed to possess data of 375 million Airtel users for sale. The alleged data includes sensitive information such as mobile numbers, names, dates of birth, Aadhar numbers, and more. While there is uncertainty about the authenticity of this alleged data breach and whether Airtel’s systems were compromised, some security researchers believe the claims to be credible. Nicolas Krassas, known for his work on cybersecurity at Henkel AG, retweeted information regarding the purported breach.

Despite Airtel’s assurances, concerns over data security persist, particularly given previous incidents involving leaks from Indian companies. It’s advisable for individuals, whether Airtel customers or not, to adhere to cybersecurity best practices. These include regularly updating passwords, monitoring financial statements for unauthorized transactions, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on accounts, and being cautious of phishing attempts. The situation underscores the ongoing need for robust data protection measures and vigilance in safeguarding personal information online.


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